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Progress, progress …

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It is President’s Day and I have just settled myself into a cozy spot on our vintage sofa in the sitting area by the fireplace with a laptop on my lap (of course), a cup of hot tea within easy reach on the coffee table, and pretty scented pillar candles burning nearby.

Just beyond the candles I have a beautiful vase of flowers given to me by my dear husband for Valentine’s Day … he orderes them especially for me, one week in advance at the florist in the village where he works. He tells them some of my favorite flowers and especially requests daffodils, and then has the florist get creative.

Each time he brings me a flower arrangement, it is a new surprise to see what the girls at the flower shop have done. This bunch of flowers has lots of white daisies which make me think of snow. The golden, sunny daffodils are there as well as some tiger lillies and tiny little violet-like flowers. They are all so very pretty.


This week in knitting I have completed the back of the Little Bird sweater for dear little sweet pea whose arrival now seems eminent. I have started the sleeves, and am knitting them simultaneously on one circular needle so that they will come out exactly the same.

The back of the sweater shows the stitch pattern particularly well, and I am very pleased with my choice. It is a simple to execute slipped stitch pattern and creates a visible texture that seems perfect for a newborn’s sweater, in my opinion.


I am about to publish the pattern for Sweat Pea’s first blanket (next week sometime) but first I needed to complete the building block I knitted that goes with it. The knitting on the block was all complete, but I wanted to sew a liner for it so that the stuffing would not ooze out through the knit stitches.

I made the liner this week and the block is 100% complete now. The blanket has been complete for some time, but I had not given the set to my daughter yet because of the block. So, now she has the blanket hanging on the side of Sweet Pea’s crib, and the block is inside along with other toys — all waiting anxiously for the big day.


Another item just completed is this luscious black scarf for my daughter to match one we made last year for her husband, the “Toastie Scarf” (available printed or as a download in my pattern directory). The woman’s version is slimmer and longer than the man’s. The yarn is Baby Llama Designer’s Choice by Elsebeth Lavold, a totally scrumptious yarn that makes a heavenly full-bodied scarf both warm and soft. His scarf is the envy of all of the other guys he works with, and it is nice they now have matching scarves.

In the photo with the scarf are two needle felted items my daughter made this week. She made felted heart shaped box of “chocolates” for me as a Valentine (so sweet, and no calories!), and the owl is something she made for herself. She just started needle felting last week one night after I had gone to bed, and is already making items such as these.

Speaking of needle felting, notice that little gray bunny in the first photo at the top? That is another of the little bunnies I have been making. The Purple Valentine Bunny I wrote about recently and was offering for sale at Etsy has already been purchased, but I have put up three more bunnies for sale this week and that little guy is one of them.


Here is a sneak peak at a pattern for a pair of knitted baby slipper socks I will be offering for free sometime soon. I need to complete the second sock, and then I’ll write up the pattern for my readers. These socks are knit from some super crazy soft Oh My! yarn by Plymouth I had left over from a blanket I made for my son last year.


In closing, I will share a couple more photos of recent needle felted bunnies … I am loving these little guys, perhaps a little bit too much for my own good.

Have a good day and evening,




Happy Valentine’s Day

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Little Bird

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This week I completed the newborn hand knithat and made good progress on the sweater for Sweet Pea. I actually ripped out the first hat I knitted, and then reknit to change the design a bit. The problem originally was that I knitted it on dpns, but I was not pleased with the way the joining stitches looked in this soy/cotton yarn.


My solution was to knit the hat on straight needles and seam it in the back. I used a bit of yarn from the knitted hat to make curly little pompoms to put on the corners of the hat … I think they care a bit scrumptiously cute looking.

I am knitting the sweater on circular needles, even though it is a cardigan (so of course is not being knit in the round). This sweater will feature raglan sleeves, and I have begun the raglan shaping.


The soy yarn is such a pleasure to handle; I know when I finish this set I will miss having this yarn running through my fingers. When it is all complete there will be the hat, the cardigan, a pair of booties, and itty bitty mittens. This will be the first outfit our lovely little Sweet Pea will wear when she comes home from the hospital after delivery day. The set will be called “Little Bird” because my daughter cherishes little birds of all kinds and Sweet Pea will be her very special little bird.

Tomorrow the ladies at our church are holding a tea for my daughter for her baby shower–I am making four kinds of tea sandwiches, scones and Devonshire cream for the event. I had wanted to have the Little Bird set completed in time for the shower, but I have been having to take it easy on the knitting lately because I have an injured elbow and hand from 100 lb. puppy wrangling and need to let my tendon’s heal. The set will be completed in time for the birth, just not in time for the shower.

By the way, I bought myself a newborn baby sized doll to use as a body double for newborn Sweet Pea. This way I can use the doll as a model for the knitted items in my photo shoots, and also to help with fitting and styling issues.

Notice the little green strip showing underneath the hat? We bought a little green sleeper for her to wear under her pretty lavender Little Bird set, and picked up a matching green hat to use as a liner under the Little Bird hat. The reason for this is that Sweet Pea will be coming home from the hospital on a cold Western New York day or evening in mid-March and we felt her little head would need some extra protection from the cold.


I am able to work on needle felting little characters as I rest my arm and hand, so you see three new little guys this week. The Blu you see is the second needle felting I have created of our dear dog Blu. This one will be arriving at my parent’s home for Valentine’s Day along with some scrumptiously delicious chocolate chip cookies … but, shhh … don’t tell them. I don’t think they read my knitting blog, so I feel safe divulging this little secret here.


The purple-pink bunny rabbit is one I made for Valentine’s Day. I decided to offer him for sale at the Fireflys Studio etsy shop (as opposed to the I Live on a Farm etsy shop where you only find knitting patterns). People have been writing and asking if I sell the needle felted characters, so I decided that I will share some of them via Etsy.


The little white bunny rabbit will be staying here with us; I made him first and he inspired the larger purple-pink one.

I recommend needle felting to you fiber loving maniacs out there. It is a nice break from knitting that gives you a whole different kind of repetitive motion to worry about. Notice the little violet on a four leaf clover on the Little Bird hat? I needle felted that as a sweet little embellishment. It is attached with embroidery floss, tied in a bow on the inside of the hat. In this way it will be easily removed in case the hat must be laundered.

I have to run, because there are things to be done today to prepare for tomorrow’s baby shower.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Warm wishes,

I dedicate this blog to you

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It is time for me to write and maintain a separate blog dedicated to knitting specifically. I will continue to post the original I Live on a Farm blog at the blog address, but my knitting readers will find more fulfilling knitting content here at the dedicated knitting blog.

Plunging right in … I have a few new knitting projects that are complete, but that I have not blogged about or published patterns for. What I will have to do is post blogs or those items as I get the patterns prepared for sale. Meanwhile, I can tell what I currently have going on the needles. k_cotsoy2

I’m using a stitch pattern that represents little birds on the body of the hat and the sweater, because Sweet Pea already reminds me of the sweetest little birds singing brightly on a spring or summer day. The hat will be embellished with a needle felted violet centered on a four leaf clover, because Sweet Pea’s signature color is violet (of any shade) and she is due on St. Patrick’s Day. I needle felted this embellishment myself, which is a new thing I got into over the Christmas holidays. Notice the little mouse checking out the yarn and flower? That is one of the needle felted blog mascots I made over the past couple of weeks using beautiful roving and fleece I purchased primarily from a dear Etsy seller named Marie who I have enjoyed making a couple of purchases from. newyear09_newthings1

The first batch of fleece I ordered from her included one ball that was a perfect match for the beautiful taupe color of our dog Blu’s coat. When I ordered a selection of colors from her, I didn’t realize that color was among them. When I opened the package up I was delighted to see Blu’s taupe because the main thing I was interested in being able to make using needle felting was a mini-Blu as an ornament for our Christmas tree or as a mascot for the blog. I was so happy with the color I offered to buy up whatever more she had in that color, so now I have several ounces on hand and can make a few more or my mini Blu dogs. Marie has been great to work with, and I am certain I will do more business with her in the future. k_berring Back to knitting, the other project currently on the needles is an afghan being made as a gift for a man using a chunky Italian yarn called Calipso iby Laines Du Nord in the “Blues/Grey” colorway. This is a 60/40 wool and acrylic blend yarn; somehow I missed the acrylic content on the label when I was shopping or I would not have made this particular purchase. However, after handling it and feeling how soft and easy to work with it is, I am happy afterall. It makes big, lofty cables that look like large waves on a northern sea on a winter day. Using size U.S. 15 Addi Turbo needles makes this afghan a quick, relaxing knit. k_goinggreen1

Coming soon, some sweet little green items for Sweet Pea made especially to celebrate both her Irish heritage and the predicted day of her birth. Seen here, clockwise from lower left hand corner are a deliciously soft Noro silk and wool blend, Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca in a soft, muted green and a little hank of alpaca I picked up on a visit to Knox Fiber Farm on a visit there this past autumn. I am also excited because I have pre-ordered a set of the new Addi Click Interchangeable Needles. It will be great to have them on hand and to test drive them. My daughter is knitting with me much more these days, and we are both looking forward to having the extra needles on hand as well as being excited about the technology of these needles in particular. Hopefully they will live up to the talk that is out there about them. Until next week … here’s to our mutual creative spirits! ~firefly