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Little Bird is Complete

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The set isn’t complete, but the sweater and hat are both complete and I just had to show you. I am in the process of designing a cute little pair of newborn booties to go with the outfit, so will show those and the mittens next week.


How do you like the doll I am using as my Sweet Pea model? I think she is quite cute, and she is very willing to pose for shots.

Another item complete this week is the pattern for Sweet Pea’s Blanket and the matching Soft Block. I just released the pattern yesterday as a download or as a printed version. This blanket is so pretty, and actually would work for an adult throw or afghan (sized differently of course). The pattern is available three places: 1) on my website, 2) in my Etsy store, and 3) in my store on

What I love about it also is that, if you use 100% worsted weight cotton yarn you can make the baby blanket for less than $20, or an adult sized afghan for $30 (excluding the knitting needles). The stitch pattern on this blanket, along with a nice wide seed stitch border looks wonderful in cotton yarn. Worked up on Size U.S. 10 needles it is a quick knit, inexpensive and yet beautiful to behold.

One more point, the stitch pattern might look complicated but is actually very easy to knit so even a fairly new knitter would be able to make this very special piece. (I included instructions in the pattern to size it as an afghan in addition to the baby blanket instructions.) Excuse my enthusiasm, but I got very excited when I was publishing the pattern and realized how affordable this project could be as an elegant afghan and so doable.


Sweet Pea, the actual baby, is going to be here so soon. She might come as early as a week from Monday and of course we are not as ready as we would like to be. My daughter and her husband are working together to get everything ready that they can, within the limitations of how she is feeling. It is fun to see and hear them, to observe them building this part of their lives together.

What is also fun is that my daughter watched me needle felting, and then she took it up. Then, her husband was watching her needle felting and then he took it up. He’s a dude, but he’s needle felting … how cool is that?

So far he has made a Easter egg that looks like Planet Earth and he has made a glass of Guinness Extra Stout complete with a clover in the head just like they serve it at our favorite Irish pub in one of the nearby villages. The “glass” even has a green Irish harp on it.

I have started including some of their needle felted items in the Firefly’s Studio Etsy store to help them raise money for some of the things they need for the baby. Mostly I just think it is so cute that they sit together needle felting some evenings. Look at all the recent items the three of us have created … and there have been more. All of these items are currently up for sale at the Etsy store if you have a hankering for something cute and furry today. 🙂


Well, I have to run now because somehow or other I have to get more knitting done and also get some new paintings going … oh, and I have to get the house ready for the baby, make some special goodies to take to the hospital for after the delivery, take care of some business for some clients, and — oh well, you get the picture. It’s a good thing I drank too much coffee this morning.

Have a great weekend,


Progress, progress …

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It is President’s Day and I have just settled myself into a cozy spot on our vintage sofa in the sitting area by the fireplace with a laptop on my lap (of course), a cup of hot tea within easy reach on the coffee table, and pretty scented pillar candles burning nearby.

Just beyond the candles I have a beautiful vase of flowers given to me by my dear husband for Valentine’s Day … he orderes them especially for me, one week in advance at the florist in the village where he works. He tells them some of my favorite flowers and especially requests daffodils, and then has the florist get creative.

Each time he brings me a flower arrangement, it is a new surprise to see what the girls at the flower shop have done. This bunch of flowers has lots of white daisies which make me think of snow. The golden, sunny daffodils are there as well as some tiger lillies and tiny little violet-like flowers. They are all so very pretty.


This week in knitting I have completed the back of the Little Bird sweater for dear little sweet pea whose arrival now seems eminent. I have started the sleeves, and am knitting them simultaneously on one circular needle so that they will come out exactly the same.

The back of the sweater shows the stitch pattern particularly well, and I am very pleased with my choice. It is a simple to execute slipped stitch pattern and creates a visible texture that seems perfect for a newborn’s sweater, in my opinion.


I am about to publish the pattern for Sweat Pea’s first blanket (next week sometime) but first I needed to complete the building block I knitted that goes with it. The knitting on the block was all complete, but I wanted to sew a liner for it so that the stuffing would not ooze out through the knit stitches.

I made the liner this week and the block is 100% complete now. The blanket has been complete for some time, but I had not given the set to my daughter yet because of the block. So, now she has the blanket hanging on the side of Sweet Pea’s crib, and the block is inside along with other toys — all waiting anxiously for the big day.


Another item just completed is this luscious black scarf for my daughter to match one we made last year for her husband, the “Toastie Scarf” (available printed or as a download in my pattern directory). The woman’s version is slimmer and longer than the man’s. The yarn is Baby Llama Designer’s Choice by Elsebeth Lavold, a totally scrumptious yarn that makes a heavenly full-bodied scarf both warm and soft. His scarf is the envy of all of the other guys he works with, and it is nice they now have matching scarves.

In the photo with the scarf are two needle felted items my daughter made this week. She made felted heart shaped box of “chocolates” for me as a Valentine (so sweet, and no calories!), and the owl is something she made for herself. She just started needle felting last week one night after I had gone to bed, and is already making items such as these.

Speaking of needle felting, notice that little gray bunny in the first photo at the top? That is another of the little bunnies I have been making. The Purple Valentine Bunny I wrote about recently and was offering for sale at Etsy has already been purchased, but I have put up three more bunnies for sale this week and that little guy is one of them.


Here is a sneak peak at a pattern for a pair of knitted baby slipper socks I will be offering for free sometime soon. I need to complete the second sock, and then I’ll write up the pattern for my readers. These socks are knit from some super crazy soft Oh My! yarn by Plymouth I had left over from a blanket I made for my son last year.


In closing, I will share a couple more photos of recent needle felted bunnies … I am loving these little guys, perhaps a little bit too much for my own good.

Have a good day and evening,