For most of her life, J. L. Fleckenstein lived and worked in the Los Angeles area in Southern California as a professional writer, artist, and designer. During those years she raised two children as a single parent, helped start and operate a volunteer literacy project in the inner city neighborhoods of L.A., engaged in public speaking on the subjects of education and literacy, and worked as a business and marketing consultant for a number of Internet start-up companies.

In early 2006 she met a man online and three months later found herself at a drive-through chapel in Las Vegas marrying him as they set out on the road to his 200-year-old farm in Upstate Western New York. A short time later she began writing the popular lifestyle blog, I Live on a Farm delighting and inspiring readers from around the world with stories and photographs of life, love, and a diverse range of creative activities.

The original I Live on a Farm blog included entries relating to knitting and a variety of knitting designs including free and retail knitting patterns with the I Live on a Farm brand. In early 2008 she began selling her retail knitting patterns online and in Independent Yarn Stores.

At the beginning of 2009 she decided to launch the I Live on a Farm Knitting Blog to provide knitting specific content for the avid knitting segment of her reader base and free the non-knitting readers of the original I Live on a Farm blog from knitting content that was not relevant to their interests.

To see a complete catalog of currently available patterns please visit the official I Live on a Farm website, or the I Live on a Farm online store at Etsy.com.


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