Getting back in touch

Life with a baby in the house is unpredictable, joyful, random, and beautifully engaging. Add to that the many temptations and demands of a brief beautiful summer and little time is left for knitting and posting updates about knitting. Nevertheless, I do have some knitting specific news to share.

Earlier this summer I knitted this pretty new Biscuit Blanket for a special friend of mine.


I did a couple of things to dress it up:

1.  Added a single crochet stitch border in a contrasting accent color.  The main color for this blanket is, appropriately enough “Biscuit”, and the accent color is “Old Blue Cupboard” (two of the ten colors of super soft cotton yarn I offer in the Biscuit Blanket kits).

2. Made the I-Cord tie out of the same Old Blue Cupboard color. I also sewed three old blue buttons (I had three very cool antique wood buttons in my supply of magic buttons) on the I-Cord (one is sewn on at the exact middle of the I-Cord, the two others are sewn one inch on either side of the first one). I did this so that the I-Cord could be buttoned right onto the Biscuit Blanket using the knitted button holes. It makes for a bit of a nicer closing and is kind of a cool feature, I think.




Speaking of Button Holes … I have posted a Biscuit Blanket Errata for the Button Hole Row — my apologies to anyone who knitted this item and experienced some frustration with the Button Hole Row.

To make up for it, here is a link to a free pattern for the cute little Leprechaun hat pattern I made for Sweet Pea back in the spring.

4. I noticed when this Biscuit Blanket had the I-Cord buttoned on it and tied in a bow,  that it is very easy to pick the piece up in the air and have it fold itself neatly for storage in a drawer or basket


I also noticed along the way that a Biscuit Blanket could be used to wrap up more than just food …


Well, there you have it … the Biscuit Blanket updated for Summer ’09. Hope you enjoy these ideas.


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17 Responses to “Getting back in touch”

  1. Oh my, how beautiful. I want to make that when the snow comes into Kansas. That will be a bit, but will enjoy thinking about it. You do such beautiful work. I love your blog.

  2. i love the buttons & icord feature!! thank you for the errata. linda

  3. Thanks you for the free pattern. It is sooo cute. Just in time. My niece will be having a baby girl in December. First baby in the family for a LONG time.

  4. I was looking for the green leaves baby hat but was directed to the biscuit–which is very nice too

  5. I was one of those who got mistaken by the button hole but I did manage to finish the item… but thanks so much for the errata, ‘cos I haven’t knitted in a while and just remembered I have this pattern. Gonna look out my needles in the morning 🙂

  6. Thank you Much! Cute idea! Thank you for the free hat pattern!

  7. What a sweet little hat. i so enjoy knitting for babies, I can’t wait for the next one to try it. Thank you

  8. Gramma Phyl Says:

    Thank you for the pattern for Sweet Pea’s adorable hat. I know a couple of cuties who would look even cuter in one.

    Hope your place didn’t suffer any damage in the latest round of storms. (I live in Greece NY and endured the downpours this weekend)

  9. Michelle H Says:

    Thank you for this beautiful little hat being Irish and living in Ireland i can see a few i will have to make especially for st patrick’s day.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing. It was a nice surprise to hear from you. I simply love the accents you added to the biscuit blanket.

    Thanks for the free pattern.


  11. Hello firefly!

    Thanks so much for the free pattern. It has been a while but I have picked up my needles once again and are having a wonderful time knitting.!:o) Your biscuit blanket is absolutely lovely, the trimming enhances it just beautifully.:o) Happy Knitting!



  12. addi knitting Says:

    You did a excellent job on the Biscuit Blanket. Sometimes just adding some simple accents can really put a personal touch on a piece.

  13. Wow! I just love it! I really want to make another ~ I will add it to my to do list! Going to check out more of your goodies! It’s really good to hear from you! Keep up the wonderful projects 🙂

  14. Seriously, this is so cute. Can’t wait to try it out!

  15. Really cute..i have already made a couple of these..and love this idea. Great to make in red and w/ white trim, to place your Holiday candy in for gift giving. Thank you for the wonderful idea of the buttons!

  16. I really love this. What a wonderful idea. I will have to order this pattern. I really like your website.

  17. Melanie Williams Says:

    Can’t wait to knit up this biscuit blanket..really like the accent trim…am thinkn gifts for all..thank u..

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