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Getting back in touch

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Life with a baby in the house is unpredictable, joyful, random, and beautifully engaging. Add to that the many temptations and demands of a brief beautiful summer and little time is left for knitting and posting updates about knitting. Nevertheless, I do have some knitting specific news to share.

Earlier this summer I knitted this pretty new Biscuit Blanket for a special friend of mine.


I did a couple of things to dress it up:

1.  Added a single crochet stitch border in a contrasting accent color.  The main color for this blanket is, appropriately enough “Biscuit”, and the accent color is “Old Blue Cupboard” (two of the ten colors of super soft cotton yarn I offer in the Biscuit Blanket kits).

2. Made the I-Cord tie out of the same Old Blue Cupboard color. I also sewed three old blue buttons (I had three very cool antique wood buttons in my supply of magic buttons) on the I-Cord (one is sewn on at the exact middle of the I-Cord, the two others are sewn one inch on either side of the first one). I did this so that the I-Cord could be buttoned right onto the Biscuit Blanket using the knitted button holes. It makes for a bit of a nicer closing and is kind of a cool feature, I think.




Speaking of Button Holes … I have posted a Biscuit Blanket Errata for the Button Hole Row — my apologies to anyone who knitted this item and experienced some frustration with the Button Hole Row.

To make up for it, here is a link to a free pattern for the cute little Leprechaun hat pattern I made for Sweet Pea back in the spring.

4. I noticed when this Biscuit Blanket had the I-Cord buttoned on it and tied in a bow,  that it is very easy to pick the piece up in the air and have it fold itself neatly for storage in a drawer or basket


I also noticed along the way that a Biscuit Blanket could be used to wrap up more than just food …


Well, there you have it … the Biscuit Blanket updated for Summer ’09. Hope you enjoy these ideas.


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