Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Our dear little Sweet Pea was due to be born today, St. Patrick’s Day.  We all thought it was quite an appropriate due date, because Sweet Pea is Irish on both her mother’s side (my ancestors) and her father’s.

Being Irish at heart, Sweet Pea is mischievious so she played a prank on us all by arriving eleven days early.  She is home, she is lovely, and she is perfect.  A perfect little emerald gem, a treasure to her parents, uncle, grandparents, and great-grandparents.


Last October I knew her due date was March 17th, so I set out on a mission to find some scrumptious emerald green yarn to make her a little something for her first St. Patrick’s Day.  That day I bought three different hanks of green yarn from two different places: a gorgeous emerald green hank by Noro from The Wooly Lamb in (East Aurora, New York) and a hank of hand spun green wool from Knox Fiber Farm.  I also bought a hank of Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca in a green heather colorway (not sure the exact color name right this moment) that same day also at The Wooly Lamb.

For St. Patrick’s Day I used the Noro to make a special little green hat for the wee lass.  I embellished it with gold coins I needle felted and hung from the points at the hat top using pieces of the green hand spun yarn from Knox Fiber Farm.

As a side note, this needle felted miniature Easter basket was made by my daughter. I listed it (and several of her Easter baskets) in the Firefly’s Studio Etsy store along with the Easter bunnies and chicks I’ve been making and selling lately. This week her basket is featured in the Spring Equinox poll at Etsy, “Which items are making spring come early?” If you care to cast a vote for her, have a click.


I also embroidered a purple flower on the band area of the hat, with a center French knot made of the Knox Fiber Farm yarn.  The purple I used to the embroider the flower is from some of my leftover stash of Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca Lavender Mix colorway from my Lavender Hat and Scarf project.


I used a pattern stitch for this baby hat that forms a pretty horizontal leaf pattern.  This is an easy stitch pattern utilizing only knit and purl stitches, nothing fance at all and yet the design is quite pretty.


The other touch I added in the embellishments is that I felted a little violet onto one of the gold coins, and a clover on another.

I will be publishing this pattern for free sometime in the next few days.  I made Sweet Pea’s hat in green, but it is a lovely little pattern that would be sweet in any color you choose, for any day or holiday of the year.

This Noro yarn is very soft, although I would have liked for it to have a bit more spring to it so that the finished hat would have more spring as well.  Nonetheless, it is a very special and soft yarn that you would probably enjoy using for a project sometime.

Hope you enjoy the photos, and if you would like the pattern for free please be sure to come back within the next few days to get it.

Happy St. Pat’s!



7 Responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Congratulations on the healthy arrival of your Sweet Pea!

    The hat is adorable and I look forward to the pattern.

  2. Congratulations on little Sweet Pea’s arrival! The hat is just darling.

  3. Congrats for the arrival of the baby! The hat is a beauty!
    Lots of happiness for your family.
    Kiss kiss,

  4. Congratulations! I am sure she is beautiful. Hat is gorgeous, love the pattern.

  5. Congratulations on the arrival of Sweet Pea! I’m sure her momma is delighted she came early. There is nothing in the world better than grandbabies. Enjoy yours!! The hat is darling and I’m sure she will be thrilled with all the things her grandma makes for her in the future too!!

  6. i am irish too and my sister mary was born on st patricks day too we are all irish by descent but born abroad and to me that hat is the best thing i have come across on the web

  7. Cheryl Blue Says:

    First blog for me, been wanting to for a long time. Your website has inspired me. Just got into knitting and I love it. Bought the needles 4 years ago for my daughters and myself, for fun. Picked them back up out of nevous energy while I look for work trying to get back to my daughters, living with their dad. Just completed my third scarf and my friend wants me to put them on Ebay and sell them in his perfume store. I don’t know how much their worth? Anything to pay the rent and get me back to the kids. Any input would be appreciated. Mom on a mission – thanks

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