Little Bird


This week I completed the newborn hand knithat and made good progress on the sweater for Sweet Pea. I actually ripped out the first hat I knitted, and then reknit to change the design a bit. The problem originally was that I knitted it on dpns, but I was not pleased with the way the joining stitches looked in this soy/cotton yarn.


My solution was to knit the hat on straight needles and seam it in the back. I used a bit of yarn from the knitted hat to make curly little pompoms to put on the corners of the hat … I think they care a bit scrumptiously cute looking.

I am knitting the sweater on circular needles, even though it is a cardigan (so of course is not being knit in the round). This sweater will feature raglan sleeves, and I have begun the raglan shaping.


The soy yarn is such a pleasure to handle; I know when I finish this set I will miss having this yarn running through my fingers. When it is all complete there will be the hat, the cardigan, a pair of booties, and itty bitty mittens. This will be the first outfit our lovely little Sweet Pea will wear when she comes home from the hospital after delivery day. The set will be called “Little Bird” because my daughter cherishes little birds of all kinds and Sweet Pea will be her very special little bird.

Tomorrow the ladies at our church are holding a tea for my daughter for her baby shower–I am making four kinds of tea sandwiches, scones and Devonshire cream for the event. I had wanted to have the Little Bird set completed in time for the shower, but I have been having to take it easy on the knitting lately because I have an injured elbow and hand from 100 lb. puppy wrangling and need to let my tendon’s heal. The set will be completed in time for the birth, just not in time for the shower.

By the way, I bought myself a newborn baby sized doll to use as a body double for newborn Sweet Pea. This way I can use the doll as a model for the knitted items in my photo shoots, and also to help with fitting and styling issues.

Notice the little green strip showing underneath the hat? We bought a little green sleeper for her to wear under her pretty lavender Little Bird set, and picked up a matching green hat to use as a liner under the Little Bird hat. The reason for this is that Sweet Pea will be coming home from the hospital on a cold Western New York day or evening in mid-March and we felt her little head would need some extra protection from the cold.


I am able to work on needle felting little characters as I rest my arm and hand, so you see three new little guys this week. The Blu you see is the second needle felting I have created of our dear dog Blu. This one will be arriving at my parent’s home for Valentine’s Day along with some scrumptiously delicious chocolate chip cookies … but, shhh … don’t tell them. I don’t think they read my knitting blog, so I feel safe divulging this little secret here.


The purple-pink bunny rabbit is one I made for Valentine’s Day. I decided to offer him for sale at the Fireflys Studio etsy shop (as opposed to the I Live on a Farm etsy shop where you only find knitting patterns). People have been writing and asking if I sell the needle felted characters, so I decided that I will share some of them via Etsy.


The little white bunny rabbit will be staying here with us; I made him first and he inspired the larger purple-pink one.

I recommend needle felting to you fiber loving maniacs out there. It is a nice break from knitting that gives you a whole different kind of repetitive motion to worry about. Notice the little violet on a four leaf clover on the Little Bird hat? I needle felted that as a sweet little embellishment. It is attached with embroidery floss, tied in a bow on the inside of the hat. In this way it will be easily removed in case the hat must be laundered.

I have to run, because there are things to be done today to prepare for tomorrow’s baby shower.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Warm wishes,


12 Responses to “Little Bird”

  1. Stopped by your blog – what a wonderful place to visit! You are so talented, I love your work! I hope you enjoy your baby shower. Enjoy and take it all in! What an exciting time in life.

    Ruth Petty

  2. What a lovely beginning to your set! That hat is absolutely adorable! Your needlefelted characters are outstanding.

  3. Sweet pea will look adorable in her outfit! I know how excited you must all be. I love the needle felting. Did you teach yourself? If so, are you following the guidelines of a book? It seems you may have said something about that in a previous blog….I should probably go back & read. Oh, I’m looking for a good chocolate scone receipe, do you have one? Boy, I’m needy today! Hope the shower is wonderful! It is 13 degrees in Indy today, snowed yesterday and we had 12 1/2″ last week. That’s a lot for us! Have a wonderful day! Ann

  4. I love the baby set!! Is there any chance you might be listing the pattern for sale with the other items on etsy? I’d love to buy it! 🙂 Many thanks for a great blog!


  5. I love the new blog. Just thought you might like to know that even with very good eye site, it is very hard to read red type on a black background. Other than the difficulty in being able to read some of the content, great job.

  6. I wanted so badly to leave you an comment on your other site but for some reason it doesn’t show an ‘leave comment’ option! You are very brave and it was wonderful that you shared your concerns about your health with all of us. It only brings us all closer to you. I am so very happy to know you are healthy and can continue on with your happiness. I also want the bunny! I have to wait a couple of weeks but hopefully he will still be up for grabs and I can be his loving owner!

  7. The Little Bird set will be adorable! Take care. Hope the tea for your daughter was wonderful. Devonshire cream…mmmm. 🙂

  8. OH NO! I haven’t come across “needle felting” before. Something to add to my to learn list.
    Beautiful work.

  9. Look at all this lovely knitting! I love your new knit site firefly, and your felted little bunnies are the sweetest!! :o) You are just chalk full of talent my friend! I will be stopping by often! Thanks for another lovely place to visit!



  10. Hi Firefly… well.. little bunny is ALL MINE! Yup.. I just purchased her! Thanks so much for making this sweet little thing!

  11. I enjoy your blog.Your felted animals are adorable and the knitted set as well.I’ll be back for more 😉

  12. Do you have the pattern for this hat I love it

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